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To obtain a position in which I can employ my front end development and design experience.


Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Bachelor of Science in New Media Information Technology, Spring 2009


Programming Languages:
  • Proficient: HTML5, CSS3 & SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX / JSON / XML, Actionscript 2 & 3
  • Familiar: PHP, MySQL, Java, Unix
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud
Sound and Video Editing:
After Effects, Soundbooth, Final Cut Pro, Reason, Audacity
Adobe Suite, FontForge, Virtual Box, Git
Cake PHP, Laravel, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Wordpress, Drupal

Work Experience

Freelance Designer & Developer, Lee Pfeil Web Development & Design
Oakland, CA May 2014 - current

Work for a variety of clients doing interactive, design, development and consulting work.

  • Designed / developed then ported 2D time-based games from AS2 to AS3, and then to javascript using html elements and canvas. Designed and developed games using my own custom and open-source javascript physics libraries.
  • Maintain and expand the functionality of a custom platform for updating inventory for a high end furniture store. Update the website style and content and improve the client's control of both. [sunrisehome.com]
  • Built responsive sites using the Zurb Foundation platform, utilizing dev tools such as jade, compass, grunt and git. [ajlmfg.com, parlecorigin.com]
  • Designed a subtly moving, repeating background video for a BBC slideshow presentation using After Effects.
  • Enhanced design and functionality of responsive Drupal site for Transform California using flexslider and panelizer. Effectively communicated and collaborated with primary Drupal architecht using Skype, Pantheon and GIT. [transformca.org]
  • Built an interface for a build-your-own-design site using Zurb Foundation, jQuery AJAX and custom PHP backend that pulled data from a MySql database.
  • Updating theme, design and components of Drupal sites using Drupal 7 and the Zurb Foundation framework for mobile responsiveness.
  • Built responsive parallax websites integrated into Wordpress using the Skrollr library. [postcollege.masaisrael.org, strose.edu/10reasons, strose.edu/outcomes]

Designer & Developer, GripMedia
Rochester, NY September 2009 - April 2014

Oversaw from beginning to completion over 1000 projects, in which I primarily designed and developed web pages from client-provided assets and PSDs. Sites were built on a custom platform developed in a LAMP environment that collected and validated user submitted text, photos and video.

  • Primary front end developer for a small team creating web pages from client-provided assets and PSDs.
  • Contributed to a custom LAMP-based platform used on hundreds of projects to collect and validate user submitted text, photos, and video.
  • Created the company's design and game development strategy.
  • Effectively worked remotely in a different time zone for several years, using GIT and Dropbox to manage project assets.
  • Worked side-by-side with other design and development agencies on projects to achieve goals.
  • Talked directly with clients to establish goals and expectations for new projects.
  • Completed projects ranging in complexity from a single day to several weeks.
  • Took on large projects with high profile clients.

Notable projects

  • Designed and developed the company website for GripMedia Site features an HTML animated landing page banner that includes a live counter based on the number of users that have entered promotions developed by GripMedia.
  • Developed a puzzle game in Flash AS3 that employed ExternalInterface for Javascript integration that allowed communication with the host page. Later the game was ported into Javascript, reskinned, and given touch screen drag support.
  • Designed a responsive template for ad campaigns that runs on the Facebook platform and mobile.
  • Templated a Twitter campaign that live-pulled and counted Tweets using a given hash tag.
  • Developed photo and video galleries optimized for web and facebook with visitor voting capabilities.
  • Pioneered the company's Facebook integration strategy using FBML, and maintained it as the Facebook Graph API emerged and evolved.
  • Developed an infinitely-scrolling responsive minisite populated with user-uploaded photos.



Hi, I'm Lee. I care about creating exciting, memorable interactions on the web.

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I built this site from the ground up.

This site is built completely from scratch and employs JavaScript parallax effects and CSS animations for smooth motion and an engaging, layered experience.

Data is being pulled from an ajax call to a JSON file containing image urls that are preloaded before the page is considered loaded.

It is optimized on mobile devices, employing two CSS media query breakpoints for tablet and phone layouts.

All graphics were created by me in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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